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Light 16

Light 16在9月29日0900起步,路線為”針草帽”,由城門水塘主壩為起點,至荃錦坳為終點。全長16公里,1200米攀升。Cut off 時間為6小時。


Light 16 路線更開放12-17歲青年組別,讓青少年亦有機會參與和發揮。

Light 16 starts on 29 Sep at 09:00. The race starts at the Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam and finishes at Tsuen Kam Au, passing by the famous Needle Hill, Grassy Hill, and Tai Mo Shan. It covers 16km, with a 1,200m elevation and has a cutoff time of 6 hours.

The cooler temperatures will be ideal for running a good pace and setting the stage for your new racing season.

There is a 12-17-year-old youth category for youngsters to show off their talents!

Race Information

報名費 FEE :                              
日期 DATE :                                
起步時間 START TIME :               
賽程 ROUTE :     



比賽全長 DISTANCE :                

總攀升 ELEVATION+ :                 
限時 TIME LIMIT :                        
起點 START :                              
終點 FINISH :                           

$ 420
早上9時正 (0900) 
麥里浩徑第七至八段 (針草帽)

The seventh to eighth sections of the McLehose Trail

16 km

1200 m+
6 hours
城門水塘大壩 Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam
荃錦坳扶輪公園 Tai Mo Shan Rotary Park

Light 16 高度圖
Elevation Chart

Light16 高度圖.png


  • 男女子個人全場 :                          第一至第十名

  • 男女子青年組 (12-17歲):                第一至第十名

  • 男女子年齡組別:                           第一至第三名

 18-29歲, 30-39歲, 40-49歲, 50-59歲, 60歲+

  • 隊際(2024年新增) :                      第一至三名  


  • 時間達標現金獎 (標準由大會制定)

備註 : 

  1. 全場頭 10名選手的成績不計入年齡組別獎項

  2. 年齡計算以比賽當日為準

  • Men's & Women's Overall :           Top 10

  • Boy's & Girl's Junior (12-17y) :         Top 10

  • Male and female age groups:    Top 3​   

 18-29y, 30-39y, 40-49y, 50-59y, 60y+

  • Team Award (NEW):                       Top 3           The total time of the fastest 7 men and 3 women in each team will be counted. There is no maximum number of participants per team. Individual participants can also join the team competition at the same time; however, the team name must be filled in during the registration process. Team name cannot be changed after registration.

  • Special Incentive Awards (HKD cash) for achieving certain finishing time (set by the race organiser)

 Remarks : 

  1.  Results of overall top 10 winners will not be counted for the age group awards.

  2.  Age calculation is based on the day of the competition

Prizes & Categories 

Download Light 16 GPX

16km - 城門水塘主壩至荃錦坳扶輪公園


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