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A different experience on a familiar path

  • Dark 45 及 Light 16 賽道採用全晶片計時,準確記錄跑手到達檢查站及終點時間

  • 給自己一場安全的夜山比賽,​帶上指定裝備,配合充足補給位

  • 最窩心比賽背心,特別加上反光物料,配合夜跑環境
  • Dark 45 及 Light 16 設全場男女頭十,表揚更多有實力的跑手

  • Light 16​ 青少年組設全場男女頭十,表揚更多有潛質的青少年

  • ​為大家準備不同目標時間的分段時間表​,助你輕鬆跟住達標
  • Dark 45 賽前訓練工作坊 (詳情稍後公佈)

  • 「時間達標獎」成為越野千金小姐千金先生

  • Dark 45 and Light 16 will use a chip timing system to accurately record runners' arrival times at checkpoints and the finish line.

  • Safety first! Bring the recommended gear and we have prepared plenty of supplies and clear trail markings.

  • An awesome race vest with a reflective label pairing our night run is complementary to all runners. 

  • Dark 45 and Light 16: Male and Female Top 10s awards to celebrate our capable runners.

  • Light 16 Junior Division: Top 10 Male and Female awards to encourage youth participation. 

  • Split-time schedule (with different target finish times) for you in achieving your personal goal. 

  • Dark 45 pre-race training workshop (Details to follow)



Dark45 Timeline

1/6                              接受公開報名

1/6-30/6                     早鳥報名時段(9折)

(待定)                         Dark45越野跑工作坊

29/9                           Light16 比賽日

1/10                              Dark45 比賽日                        
7/10                             網上成績公布

31/10                            發出電子完賽證書


1/6                              Open enrollment

1/6-30/6                     Early bird (10% off) 

(Pending)                  Trail Running Workshop

29/9                           Race Day of Light16

1/10                             Race Day of Dark45

7/10                            Online Result

31/10                          Finisher's E-certificate

Dark 45

Dark 45 是每年夏天過後第一個夜山賽,比賽路線於著名的麥里浩徑的”小雙坳”之上,由水浪窩營地為起點,至荃錦坳為終點,全長45公里,2800米攀升。Cut off 時間為14小時。



Dark45 is the first night race in HK after summer. The race route is on the popular MacLehose "Double Au", starting from the Shui Long Wo campsite and finishing at the Tsuen Kam Au, covering 44.5 km with an elevation of 2650m. The cutoff time is 14 hours. 

Starting at 00:00 (midnight) on 1 Oct, navigate the iconic nightscape of Hong Kong and be guided by the shimmering reflective ribbons along the trail. This will be an awesome experience on the famous Maclehose Trail. 

The temperature and trail condition will be ideal for a PB. The perfect start of your racing season begins here.

Light 16

Light 16在9月29日0900起步,路線為”針草帽”,由城門水塘主壩為起點,至荃錦坳為終點。全長16公里,1200米攀升。Cut off 時間為6小時。


Light 16 路線更開放12-17歲青年組別,讓青少年亦有機會參與和發揮。 

Light 16 starts on 29 Sep at 08:00. The race starts at the Shing Mun Reservoir Main Dam and finishes at Tsuen Kam Au, passing by the famous Needle Hill, Grassy Hill, and Tai Mo Shan. It covers 16km, with a 1,200m elevation and has a cutoff time of 6 hours.

The cooler temperatures will be ideal for running a good pace and setting the stage for your new racing season.

There is a 12-17-year-old youth category for youngsters to show off their talents!

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