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Volunteer Registration

一場賽事能否成功舉行,義工的角色十分重要,誠意邀請大家於 Dark45 2024 賽事中擔任義工,

為參加者打打氣 ! The role of volunteers is very important to the success of a race. We sincerely invite you to volunteer at the Dark45 race to cheer up the participants!

Dark45 / Light16 義工福利* : 

  • 義工Jacket x 1

  • 膳食

  • ​來年 Dark45 / Light16 比賽優先報名

Dark45 Volunteer Benefits :

  • Volunteer Jacket x 1

  • Meals

  • Priority registration for next year's Dark45 / Light16

Dark45 / Light16 2024 義工報名表
Volunteer Registration
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Become a DARK45 or Light16 Volunteer ?

Thanks for registering. We will contact you ASAP.

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